221 issue

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Translator Sophie Hughes on what might be lost when we translate literature into English

BY Sophie Hughes | 07 SEP 21

Theophilus Imani discovers how we might be able to translate images instead of words

BY Theophilus Imani | 03 SEP 21

A lecturer of multilingual students at Tokyo University of Arts, Andrew Maerkle reflects on how translation of art criticism can be emancipatory

BY Andrew Maerkle | 01 SEP 21

The artist’s illustrated diary unravels the complexities of learning grammar in English, Dutch, German and Japanese

This summer, frieze sent novelist Tom McCarthy to Danh Võ’s studio to celebrate the solstice – and the undeniable seductions of the German countryside

BY Tom McCarthy | 20 AUG 21

Philomena Epps on the transgressive histories of women making art about sex and the erotic in the 1960s and ’70s


BY Philomena Epps | 19 AUG 21