Adam Kleinman

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Fin de siècle squalor and sardonic masques in ‘Grand Hotel Abyss’, the 2019 edition of the annual Austrian festival

BY Adam Kleinman | 02 DEC 19

An exhibition at SFMOMA, named for the 1990 geopolitical term, considers the relationship between art and activism since the fall of the Iron Curtain 

BY Adam Kleinman | 28 NOV 19

Working with traditional ‘technologies’, artists show how the past might hold answers for the future

BY Adam Kleinman | 26 NOV 19

This year’s edition of the triennial advocates for several marginalized groups but fails to create enough space for their individual discourses

BY Adam Kleinman | 27 SEP 19

In a show at Nome, Berlin, the artists explore various opaque techniques employed by traders who utilize information to dupe rival investors

BY Adam Kleinman | 16 AUG 18

At Stockholm’s Index, riffing on the dangers of Fascism, bad corporations and big tech

BY Adam Kleinman | 11 MAY 18

Various venues, Norway

BY Adam Kleinman | 24 OCT 17

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA

BY Adam Kleinman | 03 MAY 17

The architecture of the new International Criminal Court in The Hague

BY Adam Kleinman | 24 JUN 16

The attention-grabbing logic of online news coverage

BY Adam Kleinman | 11 MAR 16