Anna Schwartz Gallery

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An exhibition at Anna Schwartz Gallery of the late artist, curator and educator suggests that constructivist idioms still pulse with life  

BY Sophie Knezic | 16 OCT 20

The artist’s solo show of tapestries at Anna Schwartz Gallery in Melbourne are invocations of an erstwhile era 

BY Sophie Knezic | 28 AUG 19

With Art Week in town, a guide to the best exhibitions to see, from sonic surveillance to Ronnie van Hout’s showdown with himself

BY Sophie Knezic | 31 JUL 18

Angelica Mesiti’s films explore the myriad ways humans communicate

BY Tom Jeffreys | 05 DEC 17

Utopian Modernism, children’s toys and art in the public realm

BY Wes Hill | 17 MAY 13

Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

BY Kit Wise | 05 MAY 08

Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

BY Daniel Palmer | 02 JAN 03