Wes Hill

Wes Hill is a writer living in Sydney, Australia. His book Art after the Hipster: Identity Politics, Ethics and Aesthetics (2017) is published by Palgrave Macmillan.

The Berlin-based artist’s mid-career retrospective at Spain’s Reina Sofía is a free and self-determining triumph

BY Wes Hill | 01 NOV 19
Fan Letter

‘Namatjira’s political leaders all look frozen, dull behind the eyes, whiter than white, and as if battling an internal war with their fakery and greed’

BY Wes Hill | 19 DEC 18

An exhibition in two parts at Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

BY Wes Hill | 28 SEP 18

Works by 13 Aboriginal artists prompt reflection on the 1828 atrocity, one which represents the countless other colonial battles fought in Australia

BY Wes Hill | 07 SEP 18

From installation to innuendo, at Brisbane’s Griffith University Art Museum the Australian artist mines the inbetweenness of identity and language

BY Wes Hill | 12 APR 18

From Brisbane to Melbourne, Hobart’s ‘Hobiennale’ and ‘The National’ in Sydney, the year in review down under

BY Wes Hill | 14 DEC 17

Artspace, Sydney, Australia

BY Wes Hill | 06 APR 17

Various venues, Sydney, Australia

BY Wes Hill | 09 FEB 17

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, Australia

BY Wes Hill | 12 APR 16

Minerva, Sydney, Australia

BY Wes Hill | 17 FEB 15

The merging of politics, materials and metaphysics

BY Wes Hill | 23 APR 14
BY Wes Hill | 15 JUN 13

Utopian Modernism, children’s toys and art in the public realm

BY Wes Hill | 17 MAY 13
BY Wes Hill | 30 MAR 13

Building signs and language acts

BY Wes Hill | 02 FEB 13