Wes Hill

Wes Hill is a writer living in Sydney, Australia. His book Art after the Hipster: Identity Politics, Ethics and Aesthetics (2017) is published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Opening at a time when severe flooding north of the city, the exhibition uneasily aligns with a state of national emergency

BY Wes Hill | 26 APR 22

The Berlin-based artist’s mid-career retrospective at Spain’s Reina Sofía is a free and self-determining triumph

BY Wes Hill | 01 NOV 19

‘Namatjira’s political leaders all look frozen, dull behind the eyes, whiter than white, and as if battling an internal war with their fakery and greed’

BY Wes Hill | 19 DEC 18

An exhibition in two parts at Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

BY Wes Hill | 28 SEP 18

Works by 13 Aboriginal artists prompt reflection on the 1828 atrocity, one which represents the countless other colonial battles fought in Australia

BY Wes Hill | 07 SEP 18

From installation to innuendo, at Brisbane’s Griffith University Art Museum the Australian artist mines the inbetweenness of identity and language

BY Wes Hill | 12 APR 18

From Brisbane to Melbourne, Hobart’s ‘Hobiennale’ and ‘The National’ in Sydney, the year in review down under

BY Wes Hill | 14 DEC 17

Artspace, Sydney, Australia

BY Wes Hill | 06 APR 17

Various venues, Sydney, Australia

BY Wes Hill | 09 FEB 17

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, Australia

BY Wes Hill | 12 APR 16

Minerva, Sydney, Australia

BY Wes Hill | 17 FEB 15

The merging of politics, materials and metaphysics

BY Wes Hill | 23 APR 14

Utopian Modernism, children’s toys and art in the public realm

BY Wes Hill | 17 MAY 13

The artist’s found industrial materials serve as material supporters of meaning

BY Wes Hill | 02 FEB 13