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The curator, who recently joined the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, discusses how her training as an architect and experiences in activism inform her curatorial practice

The new co-artistic director of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro discusses her Afro-centred curatorial practice, the importance of translation, and writing as a form of dance

BY Fernanda Brenner AND Keyna Eleison |

Partnership between Frieze and Singapore Tourism Board brings a free, public discussion to Singapore Art Week 2019

Have institutions facing calls to decolonize forgotten that ‘to curate’ originally meant ‘to care for’?

BY Aruna D'Souza |

Six-years in the making, the comprehensive ‘Museum of Obsessions’ tracks the life and work of the prolific and enormously ambitious curator 

BY Sam Thorne |

The Met’s Luke Syson talks at Frieze Masters about the display of artworks

Reflections on the second Curators Programme at Frieze Masters 2017

The winner of this year's Palme d'Or is a fictionalized portrait of contemporary culture's new villain: the curator 

BY Jörg Heiser |

A new book on the legendary curator Walter Hopps 

BY Sam Thorne |

The independent curator on 25 years in the arts

BY Houghton Kinsman |

Curators exchange perspectives on UK & US museum culture

BY Susanna Davies-Crook |

The second in our new five part series: the frieze editors select the most significant shows from the past 25 years

The first in a new five part series: the frieze editors select the most significant shows from the past 25 years

The curators of the 9th Berlin Biennale, DIS, talkabout getting to know the German capital


Sam Thorne invites ten curators to reveal how they envision the museum 25 years from now

BY Sam Thorne |

Pressed by the increasing need to generate diverse streams of income, UK art organizations turn to crowdfunding

BY Ellen Mara De Wachter |

For the first exhibition in a programme curated by Fredi Fischli and Nils Olsen, the duo look back to 1969 and 1996, formative years for both curators

BY Aoife Rosenmeyer |

New approaches to exhibition-making in India

BY Shanay Jhaveri |

Hans Ulrich Obrist's collection Think Like Clouds highlights the logistical evolution of the curator’s role

BY Eleanor Nairne |

A new book by Bruce Altshuler explores the history of postwar exhibitions

BY Sam Thorne |