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A report from Europe’s longest-running design biennial, this year focusing on what it means to be ‘critical’

BY Elvia Wilk |

In the first episode of a new six-part film series in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, Design Matters, London-based designer and artist Martino Gamper talks about the idea of contact: how the human body informs his approach to furniture design

Flavin Judd talks about protecting his father’s legacy, and how the Judd’s furniture - presented at Frieze New York - got made

Community-minded, small-scale, sustainable: designing for China's 'new normal'

BY Beatrice Leanza |

From Anthony Burgess being bitchy to a primer for Xenofeminism: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton |

How should designers respond to disaster?

BY Alice Rawsthorn |

An interview with Aric Chen, M+ curator of architecture and design, about his plans for the collection and revisiting historical global narratives

BY Beatrice Leanza |

How technological developments are changing our relationship to control 

BY Alice Rawsthorn |

Are designers of colour finally getting the recognition they deserve?

BY Alice Rawsthorn |

A weekend at A House for Essex, a collaboration between Grayson Perry and Charles Holland

BY Emily King |

Cabaret Voltaire looks for investors and The Metropolitan Museum unveils its new logo: a round-up of the latest art news

Award-winning novelist Ali Smith responds to Sonia Delaunay's joyful and 'simultaneous' approach to life, art and design

BY Ali Smith |

The French artist Nathalie du Pasquier recollects the people, images and places that have shaped her career

BY Nathalie du Pasquier |

Sarah Hromack unpacks the work of the Dutch design studio

BY Sarah Hromack |

Design, architecture and optimism in postcolonial Africa

BY Sean O'Toole |

An alternative history of graphic design

BY Fraser Muggeridge |

In the studio with designer Fraser Muggeridge

How the iconic, discontinued Ambassador car has inspired Indian artists

BY Shanay Jhaveri |

Various venues, Brno, Czech Republic

BY Emily King |

Muriel Cooper: a graphic design pioneer who anticipated the digital revolution

BY Markus Weisbeck |