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Marko Gluhaich profiles five figures leading the charge in education in Los Angeles and beyond, from Catherine Opie to Mercedes Dorame

BY Marko Gluhaich | 14 FEB 22

Carlos Anguera Jover, Alisa Petrosova and Leyla Yenirce chat with Sean Burns about home studios, slowing down and the end of institutional power

Cash-strapped schools in deprived areas across the UK have been particularly hard hit by the shift away from the arts

BY Chris Sharratt | 18 SEP 19

The inspiring creative education programme is the Charity Partner for Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2019

17 SEP 19

A new workshop responds to hierarchies in arts education 

BY Jasper Llewellyn | 16 SEP 19

The number of students choosing creative subjects has fallen by 6.5 percent this year, as the arts continue to be marginalized in schools

BY Frieze News Desk | 28 AUG 19

In further news: Estate claims Robert Indiana spent last years ‘in squalor’; original sketches discovered beneath Leonardo’s ‘Virgin of the Rocks’

BY Frieze News Desk | 16 AUG 19

The US Second Lady has agreed to teach art at a Christian school in Virginia that bans LGBTQ+ students, teachers and parents

17 JAN 19

‘You have taught art within a history that is our own, with a language that is our own’

BY Matariki Williams | 08 JAN 19

The inquiry into the arts sector’s ‘class ceiling’ follows renewed concern around diversity and exclusion

30 NOV 18

An essay by the respected Professor Norman Geras has been flagged by the University of Reading as ‘sensitive’ under UK’s Counter-Terrorism scheme

12 NOV 18

Children from lower income families half as likely to learn a musical instrument as their richer counterparts

07 NOV 18

The importance of art classes; Egon Schiele’s legacy and Hito Steyerl’s favourite films: what to read this weekend

02 NOV 18

A leading surgeon says that the loss of creative subjects in UK schools means students lack important tactile knowledge

31 OCT 18

The ‘World’s Best Teacher’ believes arts education in the UK is in peril; can the damage be reversed?

BY Chris Sharratt | 08 OCT 18

27 educators are taking the London gallery to an employment tribunal, demanding that they be recognized as employees

16 JUL 18

Arts subjects are increasingly marginalized in the UK curriculum – but the controversial intellectual suggests art is better done at home

03 JUL 18

With the government’s push for the controversial English baccalaureate, why the arts should be an integral part of the curriculum

12 JUN 18

An open letter signed by over 100 leading artists including 15 Turner prize-winners says that new UK education policy sidelines arts subjects

09 MAY 18

South London perspectives on stereotypes, power and ideological systems

07 OCT 17