Emily King

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The Sami-Norwegian saxophonist and composer speaks with Emily King about her new album, playing in museums and what’s next

BY Emily King AND Mette Henriette | 26 JAN 23

Designers Experimental Jetset, Kellenberger–White, Fraser Muggeridge and historian Emily King on the enduring influence of the Dutch design legend

20 SEP 19

By transforming Paris’s Lafayette Anticipations into a weaving machine, the Dutch designer suggests alternative architectural uses of textiles

BY Emily King | 24 JUL 19

‘Hollis’s great skill is to reconcile frugality with generosity’

BY Emily King | 11 JAN 19

From Assemble’s marbled floor tiles to Peter Zumthor's mixed-media miniatures, Emily King reports from the main exhibition

BY Emily King | 30 MAY 18

Thoughts on two and a half decades of Photoshop

BY Emily King | 10 AUG 16

A night at Ricardo Bofill's Barcelona high-rise, Walden 7

BY Emily King | 28 APR 16

A weekend at A House for Essex, a collaboration between Grayson Perry and Charles Holland

BY Emily King | 26 FEB 16

Various venues, Brno, Czech Republic

BY Emily King | 30 OCT 14

How do you rebrand a museum?

BY Emily King | 11 JAN 13

Emily King grapples with The Designers Republic's firt book

BY Emily King | 01 OCT 11

Design Museum

BY Emily King | 01 JUN 11

Whether re-making found furniture or organizing a makeshift ‘Trattoria’, Martino Gamper produces ad hoc solutions for living

BY Emily King | 01 OCT 10

Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa talks about his interest in the interaction between people, everyday objects and their environments

BY Emily King | 09 SEP 08

Do we visit museums to be taught, amused, challenged or affirmed? Should curators legislate how they want their exhibitions to be understood?

BY Emily King | 02 SEP 06

Our continued fascination with the dandy

BY Emily King | 03 MAR 04


BY Emily King | 10 OCT 03

Various Venues

BY Emily King | 10 SEP 03

Pocko Editions' Pocket-Sized Art Books

BY Emily King | 03 MAR 03