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The Drawing Center, in New York, presents a historically and formally diverse collection of works by incarcerated artists

BY Chris Wiley |

Associated with Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, Potsdam’s Garrison Church is a ‘symbol of unity between the church, state and military’

BY Frieze News Desk |

How the artist’s work expressed the feeling of being silenced

BY Zoe Pilger |

Ahead of the presidential elections on 31 March, the far-right has begun to target cultural institutions

BY Juliet Jacques |

Following a New York gallery pulling a show after neo-Nazi claims, can we no longer trust in the ‘marketplace of ideas’?

BY Cody Delistraty |

An exhibition featuring the noise musician was cancelled after a backlash around his links to white supremacists

A brief history of the Venice Biennale

BY Tim Smith-Laing |

From the perversity of suburbia to the politics of partying: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton |