Fiona Tan

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An exhibition of the artist’s films at Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, examines the relationship between landscapes, archives and memories

BY Patrick Kurth | 15 NOV 22

From Hilma af Klint in Malmö to Mohamed Bourouissa in Frankfurt

BY Carina Bukuts | 27 NOV 20

For her show in Grand-Hornu, the artist delves into the Mundaneum, a 19th-century utopian project to classify all human knowledge

BY Hettie Judah | 07 JUN 19

Memory, exile and cultural heritage in the films of Fiona Tan

BY Brian Dillon | 01 JUN 10

If you could live with only one piece of art what would it be? This is an impossible question

BY Fiona Tan | 05 MAY 09

De Pont Foundation of Contemporary Art, Tilburg, The Netherlands

BY Douglas Heingartner | 06 MAY 03