Gordon Matta-Clark

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A year-long project exploring understandings of time winds up at Frieze Los Angeles with a presentation of Gordon Matta-Clark and People’s Architecture Office

In Collaboration with Breguet

The public art installation in Hudson River Park will pay tribute to Matta-Clark’s iconic Day’s End and the commerce, crime, leisure and lovemaking of Manhattan's waterfront past 

BY Tavia Nyong’o |

The artist reflects on the natural organisms and systems that have inspired his work at Salmon Creek Farm

BY Fritz Haeg |

From Tina Girouard, Carol Goodden and Gordon Matta-Clark’s SoHo restaurant to Allen Ruppersberg’s LA café, there’s an art to feeding

BY Ellen Mara De Wachter |

The monumental sculpture will trace the outlines of a now-demolished 19th century salt shed, once made into an artwork by Gordon Matta-Clark

Why can’t New York get over its ‘bad old days’?

BY Dan Fox |

Douglas Crimp's new memoir charts his life in the galleries and gay bars of 1970s New York

BY Andrew Durbin |

With her Whitechapel show opening today in London, Mary Heilmann talks about studying in California, ‘home arts’ and surfing

BY Amy Sherlock |

Frieze Projects curator, Cecilia Alemani, reveals her unrealized (and occasionally unrealizable) projects

The evolution of ‘performance architecture’

BY Agnieszka Gratza |

Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin, Germany

BY Mark Prince |

How art can weave into life and vice versa

BY Carol Yinghua Lu |

Various venues, Sydney, Australia

BY Max Delany |

Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin, Germany

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