Hepworth Wakefield

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Out-of-town shows in the UK over the next few months – from Barbara Karsten’s disorientating acrylic sculptures in Bexhill to Mohammed Sami’s intense paintings at Blenheim Palace 

BY Chris Waywell |

Amid various exhibitions, CONDO returns to the capital after a four-year hiatus to promote international collaboration between galleries

BY frieze |

At the Hepworth Wakefield, the artist’s large-scale compositions and intimate miniatures on book covers conjure a subtle and imaginative realm

BY Rowland Bagnall |

At Hepworth Wakefield, the artist’s light-sensitive paintings are an ongoing work in progress

BY Lauren Dei |

In recent years, a number of historical exhibitions have been revisited and restaged. What's behind this impulse?

BY Jo Melvin |

Brian Dillon considers the 'monstrous homunculi' of Enrico David

BY Brian Dillon |