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Sound and light as means of order and control melt into signifiers of rebellion and counter-culture in Rodeh’s immersive installations

BY Hili Perlson | 28 FEB 19

‘I remember being hit by the odour of smoke and the soft, hazy light bathing the enormous space of the abandoned factory’

BY İpek Duben | 06 SEP 18

What Piero Golia's Chalet project reveals about private and public social spaces for artists

BY Aram Moshayedi | 11 APR 16

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain

BY Max Andrews | 26 FEB 16

Whitechapel Gallery & Somerset House, London, UK

BY Gary Zhexi Zhang | 20 FEB 16

The Barnes Foundation and Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

BY Becky Huff Hunter | 13 FEB 16

Galleria Raffaela Cortese, Milan, Italy

BY Barbara Casavecchia | 13 FEB 16

Various Venues, Shenzen, China

BY Beatrice Leanza | 13 FEB 16

National College of Art and Design Gallery, Dublin

BY Gemma Tipton | 13 FEB 16