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In a quiet mountain town in Trentino, Italy, the duo Brave New Alps is providing skills and support to precarious migrant communities

BY Alice Rawsthorn |

Rome’s Galleria Borghese director Anna Coliva was suspended last month, and faces charges of absenteeism and defrauding the public purse

The fate of Italy’s museum sector, Hayden White’s voices and Hitler’s American model: what to read this weekend

Despite the departure of culture minister Dario Franceschini, who championed foreign talent, hope remains for the country’s famed art institutions

BY Jamie Mackay |

Various venues, Rome, Italy

BY Ana Vukadin |

MAXXI, Rome, Italy

BY Ara H. Merjian |

A new documentary portrays the Italian village that has performed plays about itself every summer for 50 years 

BY Sierra Pettengill |

Galleria Raffaela Cortese, Milan, Italy

BY Barbara Casavecchia |

Fanta Spazio, Milan, Italy

BY Vincenzo Latronico |

At Fermynwoods, Northamptonshire, a catalogue of overgrown, dilapidated or incongruously re-used holiday camps for the Italian equivalents of the Hitler Youth 

BY Owen Hatherley |