Lucy McKenzie

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With a retrospective at Munich’s Museum Brandhorst, McKenzie gleans political ideologies from the polishes and veneers of our world

BY Aaron Peck | 20 AUG 20

From a couture dress to a Soviet mural, the artist asks what counts as 'good' art

BY Oliver Osborne | 14 NOV 19

A stroll through the off-site shows

BY Matthew McLean | 16 MAY 17

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA

BY Jonathan Griffin | 13 JAN 17

Dan Fox explores the complication of class in the art world

BY Dan Fox | 28 OCT 16

Galerie Buchholz, Berlin, Germany

BY Kai Hoelzner | 10 MAR 16

Lucy McKenzie’s work as part of the collaborative fashion studio, Atelier, embodies the artist’s enquiries into a romanticized past shot through with mythical meaning

BY Michael Bracewell | 21 MAR 12

Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne, Germany

BY Anke Kempkes | 11 NOV 01