Michael Bracewell

Michael Bracewell is a writer based in the UK. His most recent book, The Space Between: Selected Writings on Art, is published by Ridinghouse, London.

To celebrate the publication of Neil Tennant's collected lyrics, Michael Bracewell pays homage to the pop group 

BY Michael Bracewell | 26 SEP 18

To celebrate the publication of Neil Tennant’s collected lyrics, Michael Bracewell reflects on one of the great synth-pop groups 

BY Michael Bracewell | 17 SEP 18

The US writer, who died last week, brought a quality of inestimable importance to the modern novel: a mind that was wholly in tune with the times

BY Michael Bracewell | 18 MAY 18

‘An artist in a proud and profound sense, whether he liked it or not’ – a tribute by Michael Bracewell

BY Michael Bracewell | 29 JAN 18

As magic is the power to influence events, Bowie's power found a personal truth in millions of people, and moved them, even changed their lives 

BY Michael Bracewell | 11 JAN 16

The recent work of Kai Althoff

BY Michael Bracewell | 15 DEC 14

A slew of new exhibitions celebrate Pop art from around the world

BY Michael Bracewell | 30 SEP 14

In the run-up to a major solo exhibition at Chicago’s Renaissance Society, Michael Bracewell considers the work of Mathias Poledna

BY Michael Bracewell | 12 AUG 14

From Californian glamour and Hollywood dreams to loss, loneliness and despair: comedy and melancholy in the work of Friedrich Kunath

BY Michael Bracewell | 27 MAY 14

Keith Coventry’s fusion of cultural commentary and Modernist art

BY Michael Bracewell | 13 APR 13

Lucy McKenzie’s work as part of the collaborative fashion studio, Atelier, embodies the artist’s enquiries into a romanticized past shot through with mythical meaning

BY Michael Bracewell | 21 MAR 12

Extravagant, experimental and often improvised: the spirit of young artists in British film

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 NOV 09

Spike Island, Bristol, UK

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 NOV 09

Bridget Riley has conducted an endlessly enriching inquiry into the relationships between form, composition and visual perception

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 OCT 08

Stuart Shave / Modern Art, London, UK

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 OCT 08

Independent publishing has seen a boom in new imprints, often designed by artists, of classic novels and ‘lost’ books

BY Michael Bracewell | 06 JUN 08