Lutz Bacher

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The last exhibition planned by the artist herself carries on her strategic semiotic slips and disjunctions

BY Natalie Haddad | 13 NOV 19

The poet Kevin Killian remembers the artist’s ‘knowing, malicious but ultimately magical gaze’

BY Kevin Killian | 17 MAY 19

How artists use junkyard landscapes to forge an escape from materially saturated culture

BY Kirsty Bell | 19 DEC 18

A look behind the artist’s teasing false promises at K21, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf

BY Harry Thorne | 01 OCT 18

Yale Union, Portland, USA

BY Bopha Chhay | 10 DEC 15

Looking at recent work of the legendary and elusive California-based artist Lutz Bacher

Contemporary Art Museum St Louis, USA

BY Benjamin Carlson | 12 MAR 09