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A series of ‘magical transformations’: Tacita Dean’s new work launches across three institutions in London

BY Ben Eastham |

Angelica Mesiti’s films explore the myriad ways humans communicate

BY Tom Jeffreys |

In her prints, paintings, photographs and videos, Andrea Büttner explores poverty, community and her philosophy of 'little works'

BY Brian Dillon |

Painting and the question of taste in the work of Orion Martin

BY Eli Diner |

Channelling an array of found footage into his sound and video works, James Richards tests the limits of depicting visceral materiality

BY Kirsty Bell |

The relief paintings of Gina Beavers

BY Jonathan Griffin |

South Afrian artist Tracey Rose's searing performances raise tough questions around history and race

BY Sean O'Toole |

Ben Eastham delves into Goshka Macuga's exploration of art, power and history

BY Ben Eastham |

Mortality, madness and misgivings in the work of Bedwyr Williams

BY Jonathan P. Watts |

The online anthropology of Jon Rafman

BY Gary Zhexi Zhang |

Labyrinthine associations and elastic meaning in the work of Heather Phillipson

BY James Bridle |

From Hans Haacke’s 1993 exhibition ‘Germania’ through the works of the Palestinian writers Mahmoud Darwish and Wael Zuaiter to the films of Francesco Rosi and Jim Jarmusch – the evolution of Emily Jacir’s artistic imagination

BY Kaelen Wilson-Goldie |

The provocative works of the Japanese collective Chim↑Pom

Award-winning novelist Ali Smith responds to Sonia Delaunay's joyful and 'simultaneous' approach to life, art and design

BY Ali Smith |

Brian Dillon considers the 'monstrous homunculi' of Enrico David

BY Brian Dillon |

Art history meets domestic life in the paintings of Jonas Wood

BY Ian Chang |

25 years of Jem Cohen’s free-wheeling cinema

BY Isabel Stevens |

Lara Favaretto: exploring the nuances of death and disappearance

BY Barbara Casavecchia |

Puns, pictograms and props in the work of Math Bass

BY Dan Fox |

A look back at the extraordinary work of Michael Buthe

BY Dominikus Müller |