Ben Eastham

Ben Eastham is editor-in-chief of art-agenda and author of The Imaginary Museum (TLS Books, 2020). 

In an age that prizes ‘engagement’, is there usefulness in choosing not to?

BY Ben Eastham | 30 APR 21

A series of ‘magical transformations’: Tacita Dean’s new work launches across three institutions in London

BY Ben Eastham | 20 FEB 18

Virginie Despentes's trilogy, 'Vernon Subutex', and the revival of state-of-the-nation novels 

BY Ben Eastham | 15 OCT 17

A digital portrait of the landscape that transformed our planet

BY Ben Eastham | 01 JUN 17

A look back at the year that gave us Mark Greif’s Against Everything and David Bowie's final act

BY Ben Eastham | 21 DEC 16

the Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK

BY Ben Eastham | 14 DEC 16

Marguerite Humeau's exhibition 'FOXP2', now open at Nottingham Contemporary, proposes imaginative responses to unanswerable questions

BY Ben Eastham | 19 OCT 16

The fairs are over but, the capital's young galleries continue to flourish, in spaces both familiar and unlikely

BY Ben Eastham | 12 OCT 16

Marguerite Humeau, Mono-ha and multiple worlds: a guide to the best current shows in the capital

BY Ben Eastham | 13 JUL 16

Ben Eastham delves into Goshka Macuga's exploration of art, power and history

BY Ben Eastham | 22 APR 16

Various venues, Glasgow

BY Ben Eastham | 14 APR 16

The inaugural issue of Swimmers, a London-based publishing project uniting poets and artists

BY Ben Eastham | 25 MAR 16

The rise of online exhibition spaces and the documenting of social unrest

BY Ben Eastham | 23 MAR 16

Eimear McBride’s celebrated debut novel is taken to the stage

BY Ben Eastham | 21 MAR 16

Blood oaths and bodies under threat

BY Ben Eastham | 16 DEC 15

Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

BY Ben Eastham | 10 DEC 15

Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria

BY Ben Eastham | 20 APR 15