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The artist and curator discuss why nobody notices James II in Trafalgar Square and how abolition can be represented in a public space

The world demanded by Black Lives Matter is not the world in which Edward Colston belongs

BY Annie Olaloku-Teriba |

The ‘She Built NYC’ commission aims to build public monuments that properly recognize women’s contributions to the city

In other news: open letter demands reinstatement of documenta’s Annette Kulenkampff; ‘Russian Modernism’ show at Ghent museum questioned

Public debate around Confederate insignia has little to do with historical fact, and everything to do with collective memory

BY Julian Chambliss |

The removal of the Confederate monuments in Baltimore shows decisiveness after years of inaction – already they stand as sites of counter-memory

BY Ian Bourland |

From a biography of the Daily Mail to monuments to Karl Marx: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton |

Art in the age of climate change

BY Evan Moffitt |

Lara Favaretto: exploring the nuances of death and disappearance

BY Barbara Casavecchia |