Neïl Beloufa

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The artist’s online game, ‘Screen Talk’, satirizes the bad politics and fake news muddling responses to COVID-19

BY Travis Diehl | 03 JUL 20

Exploring the political importance of the human body at Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

BY Viktoria Draganova | 08 NOV 18

In further news: London’s National Portrait Gallery shuts for fashion show; and Neïl Beloufa accused of defamation by Parker Bright

20 FEB 18

From a close study of the American voting booth to a plague of hydrangeas: the New York Film Festival’s Projections slate, 6-9 October

BY Ela Bittencourt | 04 OCT 17

The boom in Parisian, artist-run spaces 

BY Tom Jeffreys | 10 FEB 17

From Xu Zhen’s store to Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s first show in China, the best shows to see in the city this week

BY Alvin Li | 08 NOV 16

Documentary films and sci-fi encounters; assumption, truth and magic

01 FEB 12

Francois Ghebaly/Chung King Project, Los Angeles, USA

BY Andrew Berardini | 01 NOV 09