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How archival footage at MAXXI, Rome, brings to life Ponti’s wit, intellect and erudition

BY Ana Vukadin | 05 MAR 20

At Museo di Roma, an exhibition of sculptures by Antonio Canova celebrates the sumptuous style as one of the ‘birth-pangs of modernity’ 

BY Jamie Mackay | 04 OCT 19

Achille, brother of Fabio Mauri, traces the cultural scenes of post-war Rome and Milan

In Collaboration with Hauser & Wirth

The Italian artist, who currently has a solo show at MAXXI in Rome, discusses her influences, her frustrations and her love of mozzarella

BY Paola Pivi | 01 JUN 19

The work of Martin Creed, Giorgio Griffa and Tatsuo Miyajima all, in their own way, attempt to make sense of a chaotic world

BY Ana Vukadin | 14 MAR 19

As Italy fights over its ancient past, an exhibition about the lesser-known Severan dynasty carries powerful messages for our present moment

BY Jamie Mackay | 04 FEB 19

An exhibition at MAXXI, Rome, presents a vision of our maturing digital consciousness by drawing a connection between surrealism and AI

BY Rachel Falconer | 18 JAN 19

A 20-artist group show at MAXXI Gallery, Rome, draws lines between surrealism, computer simulation and new forms of algorithmic intelligence

BY Rachel Falconer | 23 NOV 18

Rome’s Galleria Borghese director Anna Coliva was suspended last month, and faces charges of absenteeism and defrauding the public purse

08 MAY 18

Various venues, Rome, Italy

BY Ana Vukadin | 15 JAN 18

MAXXI, Rome, Italy

BY Ara H. Merjian | 04 OCT 17

Various venues, Rome, Italy

BY Martin Herbert | 22 MAR 17

Rome has long been a draw for international artists and now, increasingly, galleries. Have Italian artists been left at the gates?

BY Ilaria Puri Purini | 25 JAN 17

Fondazione Memmo, Rome, Italy

BY Isobel Harbison | 27 MAY 16

ICCD, Rome, Italy

BY Luisa Grigoletto | 04 JAN 13

Fabio Mauri's Ideology and Nature was re-performed at Venice this year. Here, Barbara Casavecchia examines the artist's enquiry of art and ideology

BY Barbara Casavecchia | 01 MAY 12

Ariel Orozco’s second solo show at Federica Schiavo gallery, Rome, explores plenitude and scarcity in a consumer driven world 

BY Mike Watson | 22 APR 12

The history of anonymous protest in Rome

BY Dorothea Jaffe | 10 OCT 03