Royal Academy of Arts

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An enthralling retrospective at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, gathers 40 years worth of works in a diverse range of mediums

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 19 OCT 22

A century on, the Viennese master’s paintings and drawings still lay life bare: the angst, thrill, the thrum of flesh

BY Meara Sharma | 25 JAN 19

At the Royal Academy of Arts, an exhibition spans the histories of the Pacific

BY Matariki Williams | 22 NOV 18

Along with Fiona Rae, Barbara Rae and Norman Ackroyd, the artists’ designs celebrate the Royal Academy’s 250th anniversary

25 MAY 18

A major exhibition in London opening this weekend shows that at 87, Jasper Johns is as commanding an artist as ever

BY Edith Devaney | 21 SEP 17

Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

BY Ina Cole | 25 SEP 15