Sandhini Poddar

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Director Eva Langret speaks with Sandhini Poddar about the artists, geographies and themes of this year’s Special Section

BY Eva Langret AND Sandhini Poddar |

b. 1987, St. Andrew Parish, Jamaica; lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Preview the special section at Frieze London 2022 featuring Dorothy Cross, Jamilah Sabur, Oscar Santillán, Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio, Clarissa Tossin, Martha Atienza, Teresita Fernández, Claudia Andujar and more

b. 1980, Kilkenny, Ireland; lives and works in New York City, USA

b. 1983, Ayacucho, Peru; lives and works between Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Lima, Peru

b. 1967, Warsaw, Poland; lives and works in London, UK

b. 1986, Sasti, Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India; lives and works in Pune, India

b. 1968, Miami, USA; lives and works in New York City, USA 

b. 1931, Neuchâtel, Switzerland; lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil

b. 1960, Galle, Sri Lanka; lives and works in Colombo, Sri Lanka

b. 1980, Guayaquil, Ecuador; lives and works in Amsterdam The Netherlands

b. 1976, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City

b. 1955, Shiraz, Iran; lives and works in London, UK

b.1983, Mexico City, Mexico; lives and works in Mexico City


b. 1984, Santiago, Chile; lives and works in Santiago

b. 1956, Cork, Ireland; lives and works in Connemara, Ireland

b. 1966, Colombo, Sri Lanka; lives and works in Galle, Sri Lanka

Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio: b. 1990, Los Angeles, USA; lives and works in Los Angeles; Clarissa Tossin: b. 1973, Porto Alegre, Brazil; lives and works in Los Angeles, USA

b. 1981, Manila, Philippines; lives and works in Bantayan Island, Philippines

Bringing together over 280 galleries from 42 countries, with specially curated sections, the two fairs will celebrate the creative spirit of the city