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After a swarm of bad press, Huw Lemmey speaks to the much-maligned attraction on the occasion of its closure

BY Huw Lemmey | 12 JAN 22

At Cob Gallery, London, the artist takes the seemingly innocuous setting of a children’s tea party to explore how white British culture perceives race

BY Leanne Petersen | 20 APR 21

Some suggestions for the International Council of Museums

BY Tom Morton | 30 DEC 19

As the artist has his major retrospective at Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, he speaks about his art historical influences and pet peeves 

BY Adam Heardman | 29 OCT 19

Satire and ‘fake news’, the message of the leftist ‘little magazine’, and #RepealThe8th: what to read this weekend

25 MAY 18

The importance of satire in an era of Trump

BY Patrick Langley | 10 FEB 17

Satirical TV and the importance of being offended

20 JAN 17

A new illustration by Monika Aichele

BY Monika Aichele | 23 MAR 16

A new illustration by Pablo Helguera

BY Pablo Helguera | 07 MAR 16

How well do you remember 2015?

BY Tom Morton | 11 DEC 15

Dear Mr Jankel...

BY Ned Beauman | 01 OCT 12

A short story

BY Bedwyr Williams | 01 FEB 12

frieze interviews four young artists about the highs and lows of creative life

01 MAY 11

Negative Art defines itself negatively. It can only be described by a catalog of what it is not

BY Olav Westphalen | 04 APR 09

A specially commissioned project

BY Olivia Plender | 12 MAR 09

The art world has long been a favourite target of satirical writing; but can it have a critical effect beyond mere caricature?

BY Dan Fox | 07 JUN 06