Patrick Langley

Patrick Langley is a writer and critic based in London, UK. He is a contributing editor of The White Review.

At Goldsmiths CCA, the group’s darkly comic grotesqueries reflect an unsettling age  

BY Patrick Langley | 17 MAY 19

A show at London’s Cabinet Gallery gives insight into the great writer’s most troubled period

BY Patrick Langley | 25 MAR 19

‘It would be easy to cry to this tune, but difficult to dance to it’

BY Patrick Langley | 08 FEB 19

A newly-published collection of the artist’s journals allows silenced voices to speak

BY Patrick Langley | 14 AUG 18

Human playthings and disfigured dolls in the work of Jean-Marie Appriou, Veit Laurent Kurz, Kris Lemsalu and Athena Papadopoulos

BY Patrick Langley | 16 SEP 17

The importance of satire in an era of Trump

BY Patrick Langley | 10 FEB 17

Could online communication provide a new model for contemporary writing? Patrick Langley on two debut novels from George Saunders and Samanta Schweblin

BY Patrick Langley | 02 FEB 17

The final instalment of Patrick Langley's digest of recent monster books: Patrick Ness’s, A Monster Calls

BY Patrick Langley | 03 SEP 16

‘Unreflective nostalgia can breed monsters’ – Paul Kingsnorth's Beast (2016)

BY Patrick Langley | 01 SEP 16

Three beastly new novels. Part one: Sarah Perry's The Essex Serpent

BY Patrick Langley | 30 AUG 16

During his residency at Chisenhale Gallery, the artist focuses on the eerie blurring of traditional boundaries between labour and social interaction

BY Patrick Langley | 23 AUG 16

Remembering Jo Cox (1974 – 2016)

BY Patrick Langley | 17 JUN 16

A number of young artists such as Patrick Goddard, Marie Jacotey and Stuart Middleton are exploring the possibilites of the graphic novel

BY Patrick Langley | 12 APR 16

The artist's delirious new satire explores happiness, consumerism and corporate power

BY Patrick Langley | 13 FEB 16

Seventeen, London, UK

BY Patrick Langley | 21 OCT 15

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK

BY Patrick Langley | 25 SEP 15

Isle of Portland, Dorset, UK

BY Patrick Langley | 18 AUG 15

Chisenhale Gallery, London, UK

BY Patrick Langley | 30 OCT 14