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As a major retrospective opens at Serpentine Galleries, the photographer speaks to Afua Hirsch about capturing the energy of Ghanaian independence in Accra and the swinging sixties in London

BY Afua Hirsch AND James Barnor | 19 MAY 21

The graffiti artist, real name Benjamin Flynn, faces assault charges following an incident at London’s Serpentine Gallery earlier this month

22 JUN 18

Etel Adnan, Francis Alÿs, Megan Rooney and more: a guide to the best current shows in the capital

BY Izabella Scott | 15 JUN 16

Serpentine Gallery

BY Eleanor Nairne | 01 MAY 11

Serpentine Gallery

BY Kathy Noble | 01 JAN 11

The Berlin-based artist discusses her Iranian-Armenian background; political art; and her current exhibition with sculptor Phyllida Barlow

BY Jörg Heiser | 01 MAY 10

Bohemianism, grass-roots activism, urban regeneration and the voices of the dead

BY Melissa Gronlund | 10 JUN 09

Blood, thread and cow dung; gender politics, myth and mysticism

BY Zehra Jumbahoy | 12 MAR 09

Serpentine Gallery, London, UK

BY Devika Singh | 12 MAR 09

Serpentine Gallery, London, UK

BY Tom Morton | 07 JUN 02

Serpentine Gallery, London, UK

BY Tom Morton | 11 NOV 01

Serpentine Gallery & Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK

BY Alex Farquharson | 06 JUN 01