Stephanie Syjuco

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From ‘Grief and Grievance’, an exploration into Black suffering at the New Museum to Laura Aguilar’s first retrospective at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art, here’s what to see in the US now

BY frieze | 14 MAY 21

At the Baltimore Museum of Art, the artist presents three works that challenge the myth of American exceptionalism and reflect on the hard truths of US imperial rule

BY Frances Cathryn | 12 MAY 21

As Ruth Asawa is honoured with a postage stamp, artist Stephanie Syjuco considers her legacy and her internment by the US government

BY Stephanie Syjuco | 30 OCT 20

Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, USA

BY Julian Myers | 05 MAY 08

Haines Gallery, San Francisco, USA

BY Julian Myers | 07 JUN 02