Timotheus Vermeulen

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At VI, VII, Oslo, the artist merges a young influencer with the clinicians of a luxury Swiss treatment facility

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 08 FEB 23

As the new National Museum moves to the waterfront, Timotheus Vermeulen reflects on a decade of change in the Norwegian capital

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 09 JUN 22

The artist’s retrospective at Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo, considers how smells can speak to discourses around capital, class and colonization

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 01 DEC 21

At Oslo's Fotogalleriet, the artist explores how the motions of avatars influence the movement of our bodies

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 03 MAY 21

From parafactual entertainment to teen TV and the ‘flood’ of content

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 10 DEC 19

Or, the links between Brexit and suspense television

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 28 OCT 19

Despite the ‘golden age of television’ now behind us, several convincing and self-confident series caught our attention

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 17 DEC 18

An exhibition at Standard (Oslo) explores cartooning and its historical appropriation in the name of pop art

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 12 DEC 18

At Schloss, Oslo – located in a former Porsche workshop – car windows becomes canvases for mystical scenes of origins and afterlives

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 08 AUG 18

The artist investigates tensions between the sturdy and the fragile, and the public and the private at VI,VII, Oslo

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 23 FEB 18

Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 22 MAR 17

The difference between ‘what if’ and ‘as if’ scenarios, and what contemporary art has to do with it

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 27 APR 16

What a missing web page tells us about internet outrage

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 16 MAR 16

This week Timotheus Vermuelen shares his cultural highs and lows. First up: Broad City Season 3

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 14 MAR 16

An interview with the philosophers who coined the term

08 DEC 14

How will stories be told in the future? frieze asks nine artists and writers to reflect on how narrative structures will change as technology advances

16 JUN 13

The glamour days of the 1970s and ’80s Dusseldorf art scene are long since over. More than a generation on, the city seems ready for a little renaissance

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 05 FEB 13

Throughout the 1990s, the rise of neo-conceptual art coincided with an increasing engagement with theory as a generator of ideas. Did that interest wane, or did it take on new forms in the years that followed? A look back at the last two decades in philosophy

BY Simon Critchley | 01 SEP 11