Vivian Sky Rehberg

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Le Centre National d'art contemporain de la Villa Arson, Nice, France

01 SEP 10

The myriad ways in which contemporary artists have been dealing with their ambivalent relationship to the ready-made

01 JUN 10

What art writing can learn from the lessons of literature

BY Vivian Sky Rehberg | 01 MAY 10

Oriental rugs, Chinese porcelain, inherited jewellery; miniature landscapes, tautological objects and 16mm film

BY Vivian Sky Rehberg | 01 MAY 10

Memory, word games and puzzles; knots, conjuring tricks and cinema

01 MAR 10

Galerie Marian Goodman, Paris, France

BY Vivian Sky Rehberg | 01 MAR 10

Curator Hou Hanru turns to everyday spectacle for inspiration

BY Vivian Sky Rehberg | 01 JAN 10

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, and Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

BY Vivian Sky Rehberg | 01 SEP 09

Enigmas, paradoxes and riddles: photographs of sculptures and sculptures of photographs

03 JUN 09

Pompidou Centre, Paris, France

05 MAY 09

Janette Laverrière on politics, being a woman, utility, mirrors and her collaborations with artist Nairy Baghramian

Despite the city's troubles and persistent clichés about it's cultural life, a community of independent collectives and spaces is thriving

The multi-faceted exhibitions of French artist Loris Gréaud reward leaps of faith with wild flights of the imagination

05 JUN 08

Pompidou Centre, Paris, France

05 MAY 08

BaliceHertling, Paris, France

05 MAY 08

Centre International d'Art et du Paysage, Ile de Vassivière, France

01 APR 08

A rabbit out of a hat; haptic experiences of cinematic space

BY Vivian Sky Rehberg | 12 SEP 07