Cristina Ricupero

This autumn was definitely high season in South Korea, as everything seemed to be happening at the same time. As incredible as it might seem, the country hosted four biennials concurrently: the 9th edition of the renowned Gwangju Biennale; the Busan Biennale, curated this year by Roger M. Buergel; the 3rd Daegu Photo Biennale; and the 7th Mediacity Seoul. This frenetic synergy was further intensified by two exhibitions of artist prizes: the prestigious Hermès Foundation Missulsang Prize, and the brand new Korea Artist Prize, co-organized by the National Museum of Contemporary Art and the SBS Foundation.

BY Cristina Ricupero |

Despite the city's troubles and persistent clichés about it's cultural life, a community of independent collectives and spaces is thriving