in Frieze London | 29 SEP 20

Focus: Emerging Artists from Around the World

Discover today's most exciting emerging artists on Frieze Viewing Room from 9 to 16 October 2020

in Frieze London | 29 SEP 20
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Devoted to galleries aged 12 years or younger, Focus is Frieze London's section dedicated to today’s most exciting emerging artists.

Featured Galleries and Artists

Solo presentations include Armando Andrade Tudela (80m2 Livia Benavides), Li Ran (Aike), Jared Ginsburg (blank), Whitney Claflin (Bodega), EJ Hill (Company Gallery), Larry Achiampong (Copperfield), Alexandra Sukhareva (Osnova Gallery), Dan Mitchell (Temnikova & Kasela), Zina Saro-Wiwa (Tiwani Contemporary), Curtis Talwst Santiago (Rachel Uffner Gallery); Rosario Zorraquín (Isla Flotante)

Artist: Armando Andrade TudelaTitle: Má s Bien IIYear: 2020Technique: Textile and bleachDimensions: 265 x 162 cm.
Armando Andrade Tudela, Más Bien II, 2020, Textile and bleach, 265 x 162 cm. Courtesy 80m2 Livia Benavides

Two-artist presentations such as Julia Haller's series of paintings and photographic works by Lasse Schmidt Hansen (Christian Andersen); new mixed media works by Eva LeWitt and Sebastian Lloyd Rees (VI, VII); Films by Tourmaline in dialogue with Adam Gordon's new paintings of desolate interior spaces (Chapter NY); Tau Lewis and Brie Ruais (Cooper Cole)

ourmalineSalacia, 2019Digital video, soundDuration: 6:04Edition 5/5 + I AP. Courtesy Chapter NY
Tourmaline, Salacia, 2019Digital video, sound, 6'04", Edition 5/5 + I AP. Courtesy of the artist and Chapter NY

Japanese-born Soshiro Matsubara and American artist Georgia Gardner Gray (Croy Nielsen); Cédric Eisenring and Julia Scher (Drei);  sculptures by Daiga Grantina and paintings by Nicholas Cheveldave (Emalin); Iranian artist Kamrooz Aram and Brazilian artist Ana Mazzei (Green Art Gallery); Gözde İlkin and Taha Belal (Gypsum); Andrea Fourchy and Kye Christensen-Knowles (Lomex); 

Daiga Grantina, 3xB, 2020, wood, felt, ink, varnish, silicone. Courtesy Emalin
Daiga Grantina, 3xB, 2020, wood, felt, ink, varnish, silicone. Courtesy Emalin


Edgar Calel and Jorge de León (Proyectos Ultravioleta); Justin Fitzpatrick and Matthias Garcia (Sultana); Tenant of Culture's new textile-based sculptures and paintings by Stephen Polatch (Soft Opening); Rosalind Nashashibi and Algirdas Šešku (PM8); a dialogue between the sculptures of Angelika Loderer and the drawings of Kyle Thurman (Sophie Tappeiner).

Angelika Loderer, Schüttlöcher (Pouring Holes), 2012 -  patinated aluminium dimensions variable. Courtesy Sophie Tappeiner
Angelika Loderer, Schüttlöcher (Pouring Holes), 2012, platinated aluminium, dimensions variable. Courtesy Sophie Tappeiner

Group presentations at Edel Assanti, presenting Noémie Goudal, Dale Lewis and Oren Pinhassi; Ana Roldán, Abel Rodríguez, Wilson Rodríguez, Marlon de Azambuj at Instituto de Vision; new works by Taiwanese artists Chou Yu-Cheng and Yang Chi-Chuan and Chinese artist Wang Zhibo at Edouard Malingue Gallery; 

Oren Pinhassi, Duo, 2020, Steel, plaster, burlap, sand, pigment and shower curtain hooks, 196 x 67 x 67 cm. Courtesy Edel Assanti
Oren Pinhassi, Duo, 2020, Steel, plaster, burlap, sand, pigment and shower curtain hooks, 196 x 67 x 67 cm. Courtesy Edel Assanti

Omar Fakhoury, Rania Stephan, Talar Aghbashian presented by Marfa'; The Sunday Painter bringing together the works of Tyra Tinglef, Samara Scott and Kate Newby; a three-artist presentation featuring Koak, Jan Kiefer, Ulala Imai by Union Pacific; and Grit Richter, Kapwani Kiwanga, Šejla Kamerić at Galerie Tanja Wagner


Image: Kyle Thurman, Suggested Occupation 54 (Admiral), 2020 pastel, oil pastel, and watercolour on seamless paper in artists frame 48 inches x 73 inches (122 x 185,5 cm) De La Cruz Collection, Miami. Courtesy Sophie Tappeiner