in Frieze London | 17 OCT 23

Frieze Sculpture Conversations: Performance

Frieze Sculpture curator Fatoş Üstek talks to artists Jyll Bradley, Temitayo Ogunbiyi and Holly Stevenson about introducing live elements to sculptural works

in Frieze London | 17 OCT 23
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For Frieze Sculpture 2023, curator Fatoş Üstek spoke over Zoom to participating artists in a series of wide-ranging themed discussions. In this conversation, artists Jyll Bradley, Temitayo Ogunbiyi and Holly Stevenson – whose work at Frieze included live performance elements – consider the challenges and unpredictable joys when the chance event meets the static object.

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In this discussion  

Jyll Bradley: Sculpture for me is more of a place than a thing. A place of potential where things might happen. There’s something about sculpture that creates this focal point where people can meet, and you don’t know what's going to come out of it. 

Temitayo Ogunbiyi: Over the course of the exhibition of the sculpture, audience members will be invited to touch the grinding stones as they are fixed in place, continuing to charge the sculptures and transfer energies to the sculptures, whatever they might be feeling or thinking, as a way of reflecting and spending time with the work.

Holly Stevenson: When it comes to the live act, anything could happen. And that’s the bit that’s really, really fun. That’s the bit I’m excited about. Anything can happen, but any which way, it will alter the journey. And that’s so lovely. And that’s out of all our hands.

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