in Collaborations , Videos | 20 NOV 19

‘I Always Give Back to the Community, No Matter What’

25-year old designer Reece Yeboah on the ‘crazy journey’ of his label, Saint London

in Collaborations , Videos | 20 NOV 19
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Reece Yeboah was one of the changemakers, polymaths and the visionaries taking part in the 2019 Frieze Academy Art & Fashion Smmit in London, in partnership with Squarespace. As founder and Creative Director of Saint London, Yeboah’s journey has been ‘a crazy one’ - dropping out from fashion studies, and taking a job to self-funding his label, he launched the label in 2013. In 2018, Yeboah took a Saint London pop up to London’s Selfridges: the store bought the whole collection.

A label with its roots proudly in the designer’s West London community, Yeboah sees online as a way to channel the dialogue that he previously had directly with customers - ‘people if they wanted designs, bespoke stuff, would come to me and send me messages’ - into a single platform. ‘It’s working right now’, he notes. That closeness to his home turf is key for the future too: ‘my first ever pop up flagship’, Yeboah says, will be in Ladbroke Grove, where he grew up. As the Saint London website reads: ‘Never Quit’.

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