in Frieze Seoul , Videos | 25 AUG 23

Sinae YOO: Dreaming in HD

We explore the textures of Seoul with the Korean artist, who explains why she is drawn to medieval art in the age of social media 

in Frieze Seoul , Videos | 25 AUG 23
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For Frieze Seoul 2023, Korean artist Sinae YOO presents a solo booth with CYLINDER as part of the Focus Asia section for emerging art, showcasing her new series of works, collectively titled ‘Post Truth’.   

The concept of ‘post truth’ has emerged as a vital idea in modern society, where objective fact is often ignored in favor of subjective beliefs and opinions. The phenomenon has profound implications for politics and culture, and is particularly significant in the age of social media and ubiquitous digital technology. In the context of art, ‘post truth’ presents an opportunity for artists to explore the construction and manipulation of truth and belief in our society.  

Painting with car transforming into a walking person in a volcanic-like swirl
YOO Sinae, Penpal, 2023, oil on canvas, 116.5 × 80cm. Courtesy: the artist and Cylinder  

YOO’s works explore complexities of truth and falsehood, questioning the nature of reality and the role of subjectivity in shaping our understanding of the world. By engaging with this challenging topic, ‘Post Truth’ encourages viewers to question their assumptions and beliefs, and to consider the role of art in shaping our understanding of reality in a complex and ever-evolving world.  

As part of YOO’s presentation, there is a work that resembles an Old Master altarpiece. While it may initially suggest a studious copy of a religious work, YOO’s reinterpretation captures both secular and sacred moments in our hyper-digitized society.   

Sinae YOO is based in Seoul and works in a wide array of media—painting, sculpture, film and installation—to explore themes of alienation and servitude under the shadow of capitalism. Taking her cues from the visual culture of technology, video games, nature and the landscape of her city, she conjures an aesthetic of seduction that offers a sometimes troubling reprieve from the clamor of 21st-century city life.   

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