Frieze Seoul

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The Turkish-American artist gives a behind-the-scenes look at the process for her latest nature-suffused paintings, which debut at Frieze Seoul

BY Hayal Pozanti AND Livia Russell |

The Geneva-based artivist worked with LG OLED to present his touring work Borealis at Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza 

In Collaboration with LG OLED

The paintings of the ‘father of Korean contemporary art’ have been reinterpreted as digital artworks in a special exhibition presented by LG OLED at Frieze Seoul

In Collaboration with LG OLED

The Tokyo-based artist tracks the fluctuations of the world around us, from dust and light to rotting fruit

We explore the textures of Seoul with the Korean artist, who explains why she is drawn to medieval art in the age of social media 

Leading figures from across Asia and the global art world come together in the Korean capital for the fair’s second edition

In Collaboration with Deutsche Bank

For a new special commission, the Korean artist will create a large-scale installation suspended from the ceiling of the fair, with draped fabrics exploring ideas of time, ageing and women’s bodies

A curated program showcasing local and diasporic Korean artists, screened in one of Seoul’s most historic neighbourhoods 

From the fantastic visions of Hun Kyu Kim to icons of Dansaekhwa, South Korea’s most famous art movement

The launch edition includes film screenings co-curated by WESS and GYOPO, a Talks series in collaboration with Kiaf Seoul, and Frieze Week gallery activations

A video supported by the fair's Official Paint Sponsor, Noroo, celebrates a world of colour

In Collaboration with Noroo

Highlights from the main, Frieze Masters and Focus Asia sections of Frieze's first-ever fair in Asia

Created with the support of CHANEL, the video series features established and emerging Seoul-based artists including Heeseung Chung, Kelvin Kyung Kun Park and Yaerim Ryu

Sponsored by Chanel

Liz Kim on how the social and artistic movement of the 1980s inspired a new generation of Korean artists

BY Liz Kim |