Frieze Seoul

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The launch edition includes film screenings co-curated by WESS and GYOPO, a Talks series in collaboration with Kiaf Seoul, and Frieze Week gallery activations

09 AUG 22

Ahead of the inaugural Frieze Seoul, we talk to South Korean artist Sungsil Ryu about humour, chaos and working online to reach audiences beyond the art world

04 AUG 22

Lee speaks with Andrew Durbin, editor-in-chief of frieze magazine, about Seoul’s best cafes and must-see museums and finest moments on film. 

BY Pat Lee AND Andrew Durbin | 02 AUG 22

A year celebrating art from around the world and across the ages, along with new ventures and projects

14 DEC 21

The first edition of the fair will launch 2-5 September 2022 at COEX in the centre of the Korean capital

13 DEC 21

The new Director will oversee the launch of the fair's first edition in Seoul, taking place 2-5 September 2022 at COEX

15 OCT 21

Frieze Seoul premieres September 2022 in partnership with the Galleries Association of Korea

18 MAY 21