in Frieze | 04 OCT 19

Watch ‘Popil‘ A Performance by Khvay Samnang

Part of LIVE at Frieze London 2019 

in Frieze | 04 OCT 19
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Using many approaches such as photography, video, installation, sculpture and performance, Khvay Samnang explores new perspectives and interpretations of history, culture and current affairs. He often deals with themes related to the Cambodian context, which, in his humanistic approach also reflects on universal themes.

Popil features two dancers performing a modern version of the classical Khmer dance – a prayer in movement for rain and fertility – that mimic the movements of a serpent or the flow of water. The dancers will enact a contemporary love story of two dragons (one representing Cambodia, the other China), whose movements mimic both the flows of the nation’s major rivers, as well as the circulation of capital throughout the nation. The work will constitute a critical remapping of the complex geographies and cultural rites which are enfolded within the wider rotating movements of Cambodian and Chinese relations.

Presented by Tomio Koyama with support from Delfina Foundation.