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Roisin Tapponi looks at how contemporary Arabic filmmakers use thirst to inspire their practices

BY Róisín Tapponi |

Neil Bartlett on the lessons Bronson’s art practice teaches in the face of catastrophe

BY Neil Bartlett |

The ‘Cleo’ singer shares how she uses music to lift herself out of heartbreak

BY Khuroum Ali Bukhari AND Shygirl |

Hainley speaks to Stein about his new book, Rip Tales, a homage to DeFeo and San Francisco

BY Bruce Hainley AND Jordan Stein |

Dan Fox reviews the writer’s memoir of a twilight capital of art, fashion and music

BY Dan Fox |

Jamila Prowse surveys how artists, writers and critics become their own unofficial biographers when grappling with illness and misdiagnosis

BY Jamila Prowse |

Jamila Prowse reflects on how disability-inclusive resources can create a better art world

BY Jamila Prowse |

In the age of ‘fake news’ Lukas Brasiskis analyses the moving-image artists recalibrating the optics on truth

BY Lukas Brasiskis |

Lewis Bush on the troubling histories of photographic archives as organisations face resignations and revelations about the contents of their collections

BY Lewis Bush |

Jamila Prowse explores the theories behind the collective’s approach to disability justice and commitment to ‘doing nothing or, at the very least, as little as required of us’

BY Jamila Prowse |

With preventable fires and flooding destroying many of Brazil's cultural institutions, what's at stake for the country's most significant film and television archive?

BY Ela Bittencourt |

How the Chinese YouTube sensation has seduced urban dwellers worldwide

BY Julian Junyuan Feng |

Can fungus help us better understand what it means to be human?

BY Francesca Gavin |

What a garden’s lowliest plants can teach us about resistance to capitalism and patriarchy

BY Jennifer Kabat |

The artist’s homecoming exhibition at the Contemporary Austin is both deeply moving and tragically timely  

BY Lise Ragbir |

The new subscription platform for writers is atomizing an already fragile cultural ecosystem 

BY Lewis Gordon |

The debut novel, sugar-dusted with zeitgeist signifiers, satirizes the 21st-century urban bourgeoisie – but who is the joke actually on?

BY Jackson Arn |

A Sundance highlight, the director’s debut is a nuanced exploration of lives either side of the ‘colour line’

BY Leila Latif |