Róisín Tapponi

Róisín Tapponi is an Iraqi-Irish curator, film programmer, researcher and writer. She is founder of Habibi Collective, a platform for women’s filmmaking from South-West Asia and North Africa, and lectures extensively on cinema from the region. She is currently developing its first independent streaming service, Shasha and is also founder of ART WORK Magazine, a critical art publication for cultural workers operating on the margins. 

In collaboration with a team of neurologists, Abbas Zahedi transformed a cancelled exhibition into a therapeutic space for frontline workers

BY Róisín Tapponi AND Abbas Zahedi | 19 APR 21

In a time of heightened vulnerability, new media lends itself to the Arab diaspora, reconstructing ideals of exit, nationalism and things lost

BY Róisín Tapponi | 04 DEC 20

A joint presentation at Arcadia Missa, London, centres female desire, from Iannone’s erotic (Ta)Rot Pack to Blightman’s sensual Instagram stories

BY Róisín Tapponi | 21 OCT 20