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Édouard Manet, The Dead Christ with Angels, 1864 

BY Jennifer Packer | 26 SEP 17

Joan Brown, Self Portrait at Age 42, 1980

BY Brian Calvin | 26 SEP 17

John Cage, Untitled, installation at the Biennale de Paris, 1985 

BY Kimsooja | 26 SEP 17

Chantal Akerman, Toute une nuit (All One Night), 1982 

BY Angelica Mesiti | 26 SEP 17

Maria Lassnig, Two Ways of Being (Double Self-Portrait), 2000 

BY Celia Hempton | 26 SEP 17

Michelangelo Buonarroti, La Pietà Rondanini, 1553-64 

BY Alek O. | 26 SEP 17

René Magritte, Le Stropiat (The Amputee), 1948 

BY Sean Landers | 26 SEP 17

The artist discusses wrestling, writing and the many people who have influenced her practice. With a commissioned portrait by David Brandon Geeting

BY Rosalyn Drexler | 14 SEP 17

The artist discusses the objects, ideas and artworks that have shaped her thinking. With an introduction by Declan Long 

BY Declan Long AND Eva Rothschild | 10 AUG 17

With her current show at Gasworks, London, the Kuwaiti artist shares some influential images

BY Monira Al Qadiri | 07 AUG 17

Coinciding with Refugee Week, and her film Hear Her Singing screening at the Southbank Centre, the artist shares some influential images

BY Charwei Tsai | 19 JUN 17

A past winner of the Frieze Writer’s Prize, Zoe Pilger on the books and experiences that have influenced her as a writer

BY Zoe Pilger | 13 JUN 17

The artist discusses the movies that have influenced her and her memories of where she saw them

BY Jennifer West | 01 JUN 17

With her solo show opening at Emalin, the London-based artist shares her favourite works and artists

BY Athena Papadopoulos | 26 APR 17

The body is a troubled thing ...

BY Candice Lin | 10 MAR 17

With the sad news of the passing Gustav Metzger, aged 90, revisit his ‘Influences’ piece for frieze 

BY Gustav Metzger | 02 MAR 17

Artists Henning Fehr & Philipp Rühr discuss their influences

'It's a time capsule of a moment'

15 JAN 17

On the occasion of two UK solo exhibitions, the British artist reflects on the art and events that have shaped her career

BY Lubaina Himid | 03 JAN 17