Declan Long

Declan Long is programme director of the MA course Art in the Contemporary World at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin, Ireland.

Fan Letter

‘Its beautiful brutalism suits getting older: an ascetic retreat to watch small things come and go’

BY Declan Long | 18 DEC 18
City Report

This edition of ‘Le Printemps de Septembre’ was both an urgent, in-the-moment experience and unapologetic anachronistic throwback

BY Declan Long | 12 NOV 18
City Report

From the chapels of the first ever Vatican Pavilion to representing Britain in the era of Brexit, the national presentations for the 16th edition

BY Declan Long | 01 JUN 18

The Tulca Festival 2017 finds inspiration in a ragged band of ’70s counter-cultural free-thinkers known for their practice of primal therapy

BY Declan Long | 17 NOV 17

The artist discusses the objects, ideas and artworks that have shaped her thinking. With an introduction by Declan Long 

BY Declan Long | 10 AUG 17

Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, Ireland

BY Declan Long | 06 MAR 17

mother’s tankstation limited, Dublin, Ireland

BY Declan Long | 09 NOV 16
City Report

A report from the September’s Springtime biennial in Toulouse

BY Declan Long | 29 SEP 16

Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland

BY Declan Long | 08 JUN 16

Decoding Uri Aran’s mysterious work-tables

BY Declan Long | 27 OCT 14

Declan Long is co-director (with Francis Halsall) of the MA Art in the Contemporary World programme at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, Ireland.

BY Declan Long | 20 DEC 13

Tracing elliptical spaces between architecture, literature and sculpture

BY Declan Long | 15 NOV 13