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‘It is Björk’s ambivalence to human relations that makes her liberality so poignant’

BY Claire-Louise Bennett |

‘George Michael has always told the truth. But I don’t believe that truth. Freedom is invisible. It’s just a line in an ad’

BY Abdellah Taïa |

‘A year after its release, it was still a huge dancefloor anthem and I was entering a world that would dismantle what I thought I knew about life up until that point’

BY Melanie Keen |

The Throbbing Gristle member and multimedia artist discusses a beloved instrument which has become a lifelong companion

The artist reflects on the sounds that have shaped their thinking

BY Evan Ifekoya |

At Gasworks, London, the sea is an archive of disaster, but one containing depths of potential 

BY Tendai John Mutambu |

The artist-investigator tunes his work to the undocumented, the surveilled, immigrants and prisoners; those fleeing the talons of the state

BY Ben Mauk |

Paul Rekret surveys ‘chill wave’, the mellow pop, sepia-toned indie and tropical dance tropes in new music releases 

BY Paul Rekret |

Two controversial events suggest a precarious relationship between China’s culture industry and the state’s soft power project

BY Alvin Li |

Édouard Glissant's 1961 play Monsieur Toussaint reimagined as a slam battle, swerving between Haitian Creole and French (for a performance at the Ghetto Biennale)

A new video by the Chinese artist hosted exclusively on

Spoken-word recordings can offer a liberating alternative, audibly melting text from the permafrost of print 

PJ Harvey records a new album in public

BY Lucy O’Brien |

From deep soul explorations of topical subjects and the plight of the poor to musing reflectively on art, life, God and outer space

BY Andrew Hultkrans |

The musicians talk about their new double album

Michael Gira’s band release their first album since 1997

BY Frances Morgan |

David Sylvian (Samadhisound, 2009)

BY Mark Fisher |

Ivor Cutler (Hoorgi House Records, 2008)

New albums from electronica veterans Autechre and Dubstep producer Benga

BY Tony F. Wilson |