Michelle Orange

Michelle Orange is the author of This Is Running for Your Life: Essays (2013). She lives in New York, USA.

‘The way she stumbled on stage, with her smeared lips and perfect legs, appeared at once criminally affected and wildly persuasive’

BY Michelle Orange | 04 FEB 19

A spate of new films propose a reckoning between punk artistry and documentary portraiture

BY Michelle Orange | 18 SEP 18

Michelle Orange traces the recent history of Iranian films, from Jafar Pahahi’s Taxi (2015) to Mani Haghighi’s Pig (2018)

BY Michelle Orange | 03 JUN 18

From Better Things to Motherhood and SMILF: Michelle Orange charts the turn towards nuanced representations of women in film and TV

BY Michelle Orange | 09 MAR 18

Should acting awards be gender neutral? 

BY Michelle Orange | 09 JAN 18

This year’s Sundance Film Festival featured more movies directed by women than ever before, but gender discrimination in the industry is still endemic

BY Michelle Orange | 01 JUN 17