Sukhdev Sandhu

Sukhdev Sandhu is an associate professor of English Literature at New York University, USA, where he runs the Colloquium for Unpopular Culture. His publications include Leaving The Factory: Wang Bing’s West of the Tracks (2009) and Night Haunts: A Journey Through The London Night (2007).

‘Your songs are always full of colour and samples, beats and melodies, dizzying rhythms and more melodies still’

BY Sukhdev Sandhu | 06 FEB 19

Sukhdev Sandhu on an abandoned cinema in the Sinai Desert

BY Sukhdev Sandhu | 27 OCT 14

A growing number of filmmakers, musicians and visual artists have begun to revisit the rave and jungle ecologies of the early 1990s

BY Sukhdev Sandhu | 20 JUN 13