Artists' Artists: William E. Jones

Hollis Frampton, (nostalgia), 1971

in Frieze Masters , Influences | 27 SEP 17

In his film (nostalgia), Hollis Frampton bids farewell to the medium of photography by incinerating 12 embarrassing pictures on a hot plate. About the last, he says: ‘What I believe I see recorded in that speck of film fills me with such fear, such utter dread and loathing, that I think I shall never make another photograph.’ Because of the offset between images and their descriptions in the film’s narration, we expect to see something following this statement, yet see only black. Frampton describes an impossible photograph, a mental image that I have perversely wished to materialize ever since seeing this film.

William E. Jones lives in Los Angeles, USA. Fall into Ruin (2017), his film about the legendary Greek art dealer Alexander Iolas, premiered at The Modern Institute, Glasgow,

UK, and David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, in early 2017