BY Kostas Murkudis in One Takes | 06 AUG 15
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Kostas Murkudis: A Palm-Sized Egg Made of Epoxy Resin

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BY Kostas Murkudis in One Takes | 06 AUG 15

Courtesy: Kostas Murkudis

My ‘Ding’ is a palm-sized egg made of epoxy resin. I purchased it about three years ago at a flea market in Paris. It’s sort of an absurd object: it reminds me slightly of a Fabergé egg, but transparent and with remarkable pockets of air, gold shavings and little, metallic-looking parts that resemble clockwork. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a paperweight, since paperweights are usually much kitschier, say embedded with little cyclamen flowers. I don’t use the egg for anything. It sits on my table and rests affectionately on my hand. I like its look, this transparency which changes color depending on the light: yellow-white to orange-yellow to amber. And I like how light scatters inside and the way shadows are created. Sometimes I think that it could almost be a little sculpture by Marcel Duchamp. I’d never seen anything like it before I found it at the flea market. And since then I’ve never seen anything that can compare.

Kostas Murkudis is a fashion designer who lives in Berlin. His exhibition Tuchfühlung at MMK2 Frankfurt is on view until 14 February 2016