Issue 21
Sept - Nov 2015

The autumn issue of frieze d/e is out now, introducing Dominikus Müller as the new editor, supported by Pablo Larios as new associate editor. Together they have written this issue’s “State of the Art,” which asks, “Why do we yearn for fleeting forms of communication?”

Elsewhere find features on Michael Buthe, Alicja Kwade and Tino Sehgal, interviews with Stephan Dillemuth and Antje Majewski, plus reviews of two major exhibitions on 1980s German painting and music, among others. 

From this issue

Action art in Berlin’s government district, from Christoph Schlingensief to the Center for Political Beauty

BY Sarah Khan |

Kunsthalle Zürich

BY Sadie Plant |

Why do we yearn for fleeting forms of communication?

BY Pablo Larios |

What’s the future of Berlin’s architecture?

BY Carson Chan |

Artist Daniel Keller chooses four artifacts from the stream of culture, on- and offline

BY Daniel Keller |

The musical pioneer Hans-Joachim Roedelius on his search for inner harmony

BY Dominikus Müller |

On German reunification monuments imagined and real

BY Pablo Larios |

A look back at the extraordinary work of Michael Buthe

BY Dominikus Müller |

On the occasion of his two surveys in Amsterdam and Berlin, two variations on Tino Sehgal

BY Jörg Heiser |

On the occasion of his two surveys in Amsterdam and Berlin, two variations on Tino Sehgal

BY Oscar van den Boogaard |

Alicja Kwade’s drama of elemental forces

BY Elvia Wilk |

What was it that made the documentation of collective artist activities from the early 1990s so different, so appealing? An interview with Stephan Dillemuth about Cologne art space Friesenwall 120 and the role of video in exhibition documentation

BY Saim Demircan |

Painting, science fiction, feminism – Antje Majewski in conversation with Andreas Schlaegel

BY Andreas Schlaegel |

Städelmuseum & Haus der Kunst

BY Jörg Heiser |

Lenbachhaus München

BY Jenny Nachtigall |

Sprüth Magers Berlin

BY Jack Gross |

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi & Eden Eden, Berlin

BY Pablo Larios |

Supportico Lopez, Berlin, Germany

BY Chloe Stead |

Centre of Contemporary Art Toruń

Galerie Gregor Staiger

Aargauer Kunsthaus

BY Jörg Scheller |

Galerie Kadel Willborn

Kunstverein in Hamburg

BY Matthew Rana |

Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe

BY Moritz Scheper |

Kunstverein Göttingen

BY Andreas Schlaegel |

Choose a single object of special significance from your working or living environment

BY Kostas Murkudis |