in Frieze New York , News | 31 MAR 22

Emerging Art from Taipei to Tehran: Frame at Frieze New York 2022

Artists including Homa Delvaray, Ivan Cheng, Marsha Pels and Rebecca Sharp present special projects at this year’s fair

in Frieze New York , News | 31 MAR 22

The Frame section at Frieze New York brings together some of the world’s most experimental, imaginative and talked-about rising stars, representing emerging art scenes from around the world.  

Galleries ages 10 years or younger will bring solo presentations of new or never-before-seen work. Highlights include artists pushing the medium and subject matter of painting, historic and immersive installations and works which use fantasy to interrogate existential questions. 

Urbanism & Environment 

Yan Xinyue in her studio in Los Angeles with her works in progress for Frieze NY 2022, January 2022. Courtesy of Capsule Shanghai
Yan Xinyue in her studio in Los Angeles with her works in progress for Frieze NY 2022, January 2022. Courtesy of Capsule Shanghai

The Chinese artist Yan Xinyue (Capsule Shanghai, Booth FR2) explores tension in everyday life in the context of rapid urban development, through her vibrant and fantastical paintings. 

Emma McIntyre (Château Shatto, FR1) explores the possibilities of paint as a medium through her abstract representations of weather, visual environment and memory.

In her work The Garden of Desolation, Homa Delvaray (Dastan Gallery, FR10) deconstructs the Persian garden – how it is currently viewed and its historical significance, using words and letters as visual tools to highlight the need to become aware of semiotic changes in our environment. 

Peach and multi-colour oil and oil stick on linen.
Emma McIntyre, Papillotage, 2021 , Oil and oil stick on linen , 84 x 72 in / 213.4 x 182.8 cm 

Conceptual Installations 

Rebecca Sharp Artwork
Rebecca Sharp, Eternal maze manoeuvers, 2022, Oil on canvas, 103 x 78 cm, Photo: Sara Way, Courtesy of the artist and Sé 

Lying at the intersection of new surrealism and biomorphic art, Rebecca Sharp’s (Sé Gallery, FR7) sculptures and paintings present an otherworldly, spiritual vision of the world we live in. 

Ivan Cheng’s (Édouard Montassut, FR5) installation brings together entertainment and comedy to reflect on the performativity of chance, unpicking French gambling laws and the politics of wealth distribution. 

Building on decades of autobiographical work and historical research, Marsha Pels (Lubov Gallery, FR11) presents works from her series “Dead Mother, Dead Cowboy” (2006–08), transforming found materials into monuments to loss. 

In Tania Candiani’s (Instituto de Visión, FR4) new video, painting and sculpture, the artist translates indigenous, African and European systems of knowledge into a more optimistic vision of the present. 

Marsha Pels, presented by Lubov
Marsha Pels, Ecorche, presented by Lubov.

Fantasy & Illusion 

Photo of foot with green slime-like shape protruding from big toe.
Cajsa von Zeipel, 2022. Courtesy of the artist and Company, New York

Kye Christensen-Knowles’s (Lomex Gallery, FR3) work mixes a variety of styles, with his art drawing inspiration from high modernism, American graphic novels, science fiction and Renaissance painting. 

An immersive installation by Cajsa von Zeipel (Company Gallery, FR8) questions ideas of beauty, sexuality and gender identity using a provocative and futuristic art style. 

Transcending optical illusion, Kate Mosher Hall’s (Hannah Hoffman Gallery, FR9) paintings are deeply concerned with the spiritual conditions of looking, and how it can expand or limit our sense of reality. 

Since the 1970s, influential Chicago artist Judith Geichman (Regards, FR6) has used the art of abstraction to explore the possibilities of painting. 

Judith Geichman Artwork
Judith Geichman, Untitled, 2021, Acrylic, enamel, spray paint on Yupo Paper, 84 x 60 inches 

About Frame at Frieze New York 

Comprising eleven participating galleries, Frame allows visitors and collectors to see work by artists who may not have previously benefited from a major international platform to show their work.

This year, Frame is advised by gallerists Olivia Barrett (Château Shatto, Los Angeles) and Sophie Mörner (Company Gallery, New York). 

Frieze New York 2023

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Image at top of page: A picture of Ivan Cheng, presented artist from the project: Absolution/ Toilet Signs Photo courtesy: Luis Artemio De Los Santos