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Curators Danielle Jackson, Nora Lawrence and Allison Glenn award the Colombian gallery for their presentation by Tania Candiani

20 MAY 22

We talk to the Chinese artist about her urban scenes of passion, anxiety, and melancholy, featuring in the Frame section at Frieze New York 2022

19 MAY 22

From her studio in Brooklyn, Pels talks to us about dogs, death and driving the streets at night in search of materials

16 MAY 22

Artists including Homa Delvaray, Ivan Cheng, Marsha Pels and Rebecca Sharp present special projects at this year’s fair

31 MAR 22

Meet multidisciplinary artist Otis Houston Jr., presenting a solo show with Gordon Robichaux for Frame at Frieze New York 2021

11 MAY 21

The Bogotá based gallery was awarded the prize for its presentation of work by Wilson Díaz

06 MAY 21

Meet the Brooklyn-based artist who is presenting a solo show with Clima at Frieze New York 2021

16 APR 21

Featuring ambitious presentations by Agustina Woodgate, Zeinab Saleh, WangShui, Wilson Díaz and many more at Frieze New York

17 MAR 21

The curator talks through her highlights from Frieze Viewing Room's section for emering galleries and artists

11 MAY 20

Featuring solos by Carmen Argote, Le'Andra LeSeur, Claudia Pena Salinas, Gao Yuan and many more on Frieze Viewing Room

05 MAY 20

We present highlights from around the fair and across the city

02 MAY 19

A jury of international art experts awards the New York-based gallery (booth F9)

01 MAY 19

Explore highlights from Frieze New York's section for solo projects by galleries aged 10 years or younger

21 FEB 19

Innovations make the seventh edition ‘fresher than it’s ever been’

08 MAY 18

The fair Preview opens, and major works by Anselm Kiefer and Jordan Wolfson are premiered across the city

01 MAY 18

Jordan Nassar describes how his presentation in Frame at Frieze New York 2018 unites craft and national consciousness

20 APR 18

Andrew Bonacina and Laura McLean-Ferris lead survey of global emerging positions

18 JAN 18

Bridget Donahue's survey of Susan Cianciolo's collages receives the Frame Prize, supported by Stella Artois

05 MAY 17

Phillida Reid and David Southard talk about participating in Frieze New York

02 MAY 17

Today is Frieze New York 2017 Preview Day. Plan every day around the city and the fair

27 APR 17