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Fatma Bucak on Lygia Pape’s Image of Rebirth

‘Fragments of improvized poetry came together and devoured one another’

BY Fatma Bucak in Frieze Masters , Influences | 02 SEP 18

Lygia Pape, O Ovo (The Egg), 1967, performance documentation. Courtesy: Projeto Lygia Pape

I do not remember the first time I came across Lygia Pape’s performance O Ovo (The Egg), but I certainly remember the image that it embedded in my mind: that of a fragile white box (the egg) and a woman tearing through it, breaking out of geometry – an image of rebirth. What appeared to be a simple gesture or experiment contained a disruption, as if everything was beginning again, borne of an imperfection and an urgent need to break through. It was curious to see her opening up a new space and creating a simultaneous sense of emptiness and fullness. Fragments of improvized poetry came together and devoured one another.

Published in Frieze Masters, issue 7, 2018, with the title ‘Artist's Artists’.

Fatma Bucak lives in London, UK, and Istanbul, Turkey. Earlier this year, she had a solo show at Fondazione Merz, Torino, Italy; in 2017, she had a solo exhibition at Pi Artworks, London, and was part of the GIBCA – Göteborg International Biennial, Sweden. She has forthcoming solo exhibitions at GAM Palermo, Italy, and Pi Artworks, Istanbul, and group shows at Villa Merkel, Esslingen, Germany; Casa Victor Hugo, Havana, Cuba; and Green Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE.